Changes in getlino


Add the ciao projet to KNOWN_REPOS. Add ‘sudo’ to the certbot command.

Fix some issues with creating user and database with the getlino startsite .

Released version 20.1 to PyPI Released version 20.1.1 to PyPI

No need for ‘sudo’ for certbot command

Released version 20.1.2 to PyPI


When the user is not root , the getlino startsite command doesn’t create the and the directory nginx.


The script generated by getlino configure into the shared virtualenv was still using the project_dir.


The getlino configure --https option was appending directly to the main /etc/crontab file. Fixed.

Fixed some minor bugs. For example the getlino configure --redis option was ignored when not running as root.

Released 19.11.0 to PyPI.


getlino configure --db-user option now creates the shared database user (#3329). The items of getlino.utils.DB_ENGINES are no longer named tuples but real objects with methods.


getlino no longer depends on cookiecutter. The separate cookiecutter-startsite repository is no longer used because all templates are now below getlino/templates.

Released version 19.10.6 to PyPI (versions 19.10.3 to 19.10.5 are broken versions, don’t use them).


Released version 19.10.0 to PyPI.

Fixed some bugs: Running getlino configure without --db-port caused an error Invalid value for "--db-port": invalid choice: . (choose from 5432, 3306, 0). The --db-port option is no longer a choice (it is not limited to these values). The --clone option sometimes had True as default value when it shouldn’t.

Released version 19.10.1 to PyPI.

Found another bug: with --clone, getlino didn’t clone the repositories using their nickname, which later caused failures when trying to install them.

Released version 19.10.2 to PyPI.

Fixed some more bugs: Running getlino configure without --db-port caused an error Invalid value for "--db-port": invalid choice: . (choose from 5432, 3306, 0). The --db-port option is not a choice (it must not limited to these values). The --clone option sometimes had True as default value.


The getlino configure --db-port shows the default ports of databases.


The getlino configure --clone option installs all contributor repositories, i.e. those required to build the book. Some repositories were still missing. Fixed. Also separated the sequence of resulting actions: first run “git clone” for all repos, then “pip install -e”.


Optimized behaviour when running as non-root: The default value for --devtools is now True in that case. --db-engine had a wrong default value “sqlite” (must be “sqlite3”), getlino tried to create the directories given by --log-base and --backups-base (which failed because not running as root).


When running as root, getlino configure now also creates empty directories for --log-base and --backups-base and sets their permissions.


When running as root, getlino now also installs the build-essential Debian package because this is maybe needed for installing Python extensions.

getlino didn’t set the group owner in some cases (e.g. the lino_local directory and a project’s virtualenv).

getlino configure now also creates a ~/.bash_aliases file. But only when you aren’t running as root. After running getlino configure as root, you may want to run it once more without being root to create a .bash_aliases file to your home directory.

Released getlino 19.9.6 to PyPI, immediately followed by a bug-fix release 19.9.7


Added more demo projects to be used by the getlino configure command. Released getlino 19.9.5.


Renamed the --contrib option to --clone because it is also used when configuring a demo server. It means “clone all known repositories to the –repos-base and install them to the shared env using pip -e.” This change requires that you run getlino configure once after upgrade, or manually edit your getlino config file.

The configure command now supports --clone without specifying a –repos-base. In that case it uses the repositories subdir of the shared-env.

New option --shared-env for startsite. When used with startsite, it overrides the value specified during configure.

Released getlino 19.9.4 on PyPI.


Released getlino 19.9.2 on PyPI, followed by a bugfix release 19.9.3.


Also write logrotate config file for supervisor.

Changed some default values in getlino configure: The default value for --clone was wrong : when running as root, it is not a contributor environment. --shared-env and --repos-base are now empty when VIRTUAL_ENV is not set. And --db-engine is now mysql when running as root.

Released getlino 19.9.0 to PyPI, followed by a bugfix release 19.9.1.


Released getlino 19.8.1 on PyPI.


Released getlino 19.8.0 on PyPI.


Added a first meaningful unit test (test_docker_prod).